Monday, August 8, 2022

International Cat Day: Having a Cat for Health and Mental Wellbeing

Today, August 8, we are celebrating International (World) Cat Day, so we have to respect their existence as an ecosystem that is beneficial to humans to. I want share the information that having a cat is good for health and mental wellbeing:

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

- Can cause the body to produce relaxing hormones, such as endorphins, that help lower your tension and anxiety levels

- Cultivate a positive mood

2. They can lower the risk of hearth disease and stroke

 - According to study published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, having a cat can reduce stress, thus reducing the risk of developing various hearth illness,  including stroke, by roughly 30 %

-  Of course, it's good to increase the body's immunity

3. They help prevent allergies (for children)

- The National Institutes of Health published a study in 2002 that indicated hildren under a year old who were esposed to a cat were less likely to have allergies of any sort, such as dust mites, ragweed, and grass

- Of course, cat hygiene must be maintained

4. Prevent loneliness and fear

- Cat behavior can make people forget they are alone at home

- Cats are believed to be animals that devils doesn't like

- Cats are animals that snakes hate, especially small snakes

5. Having a cat can foster social sensitivity

- We will appreciate the environment more

- We will increasingly realize that life interdependent in an ecosystem

- Practice caring for fellow human beings

6. As a part of charity good deeds

- Because cats is a creature created by God that must be taken care with the help of humans

- Good deeds return to us in uxpected conditions 

- As a part of gratitude to God.

I have two male cats pets, named Cowy and Bar-Bar. They are the type of domestic cat that rarely gets sick and is easy to manage. They are always bathed once a week. 

Ok, if you want to share other information about cat, please share in the comment column🙏🏻. Happy International Cat Day🐱.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Have you been Vaccinated with The COVID-19 Booster?

Hello blogger friends from all over the world, how are you? I hope that you will continue to be given blessings, health, and the spirit of writing. Aamiin😇. This is the first article on my second blog (english blog) in 2022. Hopefully, this article about COVID-19 will be last, in the sense that the COVID-19 pandemic ends this year😊. 

In my country, Indonesia, the permitted COVID-19 booster vaccine include AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Zivivax. But the one with the most stock is AstraZeneca. Even though is much cheaper than other COVID-19 vaccines, because the inventor didn't patent AstraZeneca, puts the human side forward, but don't neglect quality.

Surprisingly, many looking for Pfizer because it is considered more effective, suitable for commorbidities, and has a few side effects. But, as far as I can see, someone got the COVID-19 booster Pfizer vaccine, then a few days had a fever. While my father who is 70 years old, has comorbidities, and gets the COVID-19 booster AstraZeneca vaccine, it did not serious side effects. Just sleepy and easily hungry. So, everything is returned to the immune and body condition of each individual. If you are worried that you have side effects and attack comorbidities, you should first consult with your doctor. Each COVID-19 vaccine, include booster, that have been recognized by the government, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I got the COVID-19 booster vaccine (the third vaccine) on February 17, 2022. after 6 months (the latest rules are enough 3 months apart) of the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine on August 12, 2021. For the first and second COVID-19 vaccines using Sinovac, while boosters use AstraZeneca. I didn't get any serious side effects when vaccinated sinovac. However, I got side effects from AstraZeneca booster vaccine in the form of joint pain in my right legs for 2 days. I got my all my vaccine at a community health center near my house, with a limited quota and 2 times a week. When I recovered, I became more confident to go outside, of course, by continuing by carry out health protocols.

In Indonesia, Data for Every Citizen who has been Vaccinated and Other Information Related to Vaccines and COVID-19 is Integrated in One Application:

Now, the Indonesian government has a made a new rule that when travelling using public transportation such as trains and planes, it is not necessary to have an antigen/PCR test provided that you have been fully vaccinated, at least the second vaccine. This is of course good news, although there are still concern that people will not obey  health protocols, especially during long holidays. There is even a new rule for the Eid holiday after Ramadan, everyone who returns to their hometown must have a The COVID-19 booster vaccination. Of course, there are exceptions, for those who are prohibited from vaccines by including a doctor's letter. zIf it's just the second vaccine, it still has to be tested for Antigen or PCR.


There is a plan from the government about the 4th COVID-19 vaccine or the second booster vaccine. I think as long as it has been scientifically tested and proven have a new variant, of course it should be supported. Hopefully there won't be a new variant and the first booster vaccine will suffice.

Lastly, I also want to know your condition after being vaccinated. Have you been vaccinated with the COVID-19 booster? what type of vaccine? Are there any side effects? or something else about COVID-19 vaccines? Please share in the comments column. Thanks. Stay safe and healthy.

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Monday, October 4, 2021

List of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognized by WHO

COVID-19 vaccines recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and given permission Emergency Use Listing (EUL) if it meets the requirements:

1. Quality

Related to the characteristics of the vaccine:

- Vaccine type

- Vaccine composition

- How to inject

2. Safety

- Reasonable side effect

- Safe for eligible ederly 

- Safe for eligible children 12 years and over

3. Vaccine efficacy level

- Efficacy is how well a vaccine works in clinical trials

- Must be above 50 %

4. Effectiveness level

- Effectiveness is how well a vaccine is given to the general public

- Must be above 50 %

5. Vaccine manufacturing

Directed to become an industry

6. Risk management plan

- Careful and precide screening process for vaccine recipients

- Solution in case of unnatural vaccine side effects.

The assessment is carried out by experts from all over the world and Technical Advisory Group, to provide assessment of benefits, risks, and recommendations.


List of Covid-19 Vaccines recognized by WHO:

1. Pfizer-BioNTech

- The first vaccine recognized by WHO and get EUL on December 31, 2020

- Made in the United States

- Double dose (interval 3 weeks)

- Vaccine type: nucleic acid vaccine

- Strength: has a strong cellular immunity and fast development

- Weaknesss: 

a. Relatively low antibody response. As a result, the body's response to infection works more slowly

b. Must be stored in a frozen state 

2. AstraZenenca

- Recognized by WHO anda get EUL on February 15, 2021

- Made in South Korea and India

- Double dose (interval 2-3 months)

- Vaccine type: viral-vector virus, replicating or non-replicating

- Viral-vector is a harmless virus modified to trigger an immune response

- Strength: 

a. Fast development

b. Cheap price (not subjects to patents and assisted by the role of non-profits organizations)

c. Can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures

- Weakness: 

a. Previous exposure to viral vectors may reduce immunogenicity

Immunogenicity is the ability of a substance to trigger an immune response from the human body or other animals

3. Johnson & Johnson

- Recognized by WHO and get EUL on March 12, 2021

- Made in the United States

- Only single dose 

- Vaccine type: adenovirus type 26, which inserts corona virus proteins into body cells and triggers an immune response

- Strength: 

a. Only single dose. Of course it really helps to reach difficult areas

b. Can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures

- Weakness: potentially cause an allergic reaction

4. Moderna

- Recognized by WHO and get EUL on April 30, 2021

- Made in the United States

- Double dose (interval 1 month)

- Vaccine type: nucleic acid vaccine

- Strength: has a strong cellular immunity and fast development

- Weaknesss: 

a. Relatively low antibody response. As a result, the body's response to infection works more slowly

b. Must be stored in a frozen state 

5. Sinopharm

- Recognized by WHO and get EUL on May 7, 2021

- Made in China

- Double dose (interval 3 weeks)

- Vaccine type: inactivated vaccine

- Strength: 

a. Induce a strong immune response

b. Can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures

- Weakness: when the manufacturing process, requires a lot of viruses.

6. Sinovac

- Recognized by WHO and get EUL on January 6, 2021

- Made in China

- Double dose (interval 1 month)

- Vaccine type: inactivated vaccine

- Strength: 

a. Induce a strong immune response

b. Can be stored at normal refrigerator temperatures

- Weakness: when the manufacturing process, requires a lot of viruses

(source: &

COVID-19 vaccines that are applicable in my country, Indonesia, include: Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Moderna, and Pfizer-BioNTech. However, Sinovac vaccine is most used. I also was injected by the Sinovac Vaccine (double dose).  The effect that I feel (one day after injection) is only soreness in the area of the injection site, hunger pang, and drowsiness. After that, it's back to normal. How about you? Please comments in the comments column. Thank you, stay safe and healthy. God blessed us🙏. 


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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Health Business during The Corona Pandemic: between Opportunity and Humanity

Happy new year 2021 friends🥳. Hopefully the corona pandemic will end soon, the future will be better and more blessed. Aamiin. This blog article is the opening blog article early 2021. Hope it is useful.


The corona pandemic condition becomes a kind of business opportunity in the health sector. Includes: 

1. Free medicine

2. Herbal medicine

3. Medical devices (such as masks, thermometers, disinfectants, hand sanitizer, personal protective equipments, etc)  

4. Diagnostic test

5. Health supplements to increase body immunity

6. Lodging business for corona victims

7. Medical waste processing

8. Home fitness equipment to avoid exercising in the crowd

9. The corona vaccine

This business will increase in the past two years considering that many people are increasingly concerned about health, want to increase their immunity, and those who are infected with the corona want to get well soon.

I have read that there is a competition for the procurement of the corona vaccine. It turns out that nearly 200 companies are trying to develop a vaccine. They are competing to be the first with high benefits and safe to use. Originally, Sinovac vaccine seemed to be superior and has met the results of the phase three clinical trial. Not long after, RNA Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines also completed phase three clinical trials. All three are considered effective and competitive price. Even from the vaccine development efforts, the shares of the three companies increased.

The corona vaccine has become an urgent public need, it should put aside business interests and also politics. However, business must still exist for the continuation of the corona vaccine effort going forward, but it is not priority. Humanity must be the top priority. World Health Organization (WHO) has planned that the corona vaccine can be enjoyed by all countries, not just rich countries. They are pooling funds and expertise to provide vaccines to about 20 percent of the poor in financed countries. The subsidized corona vaccine price is only US$ 2, much cheaper than the price of the corona vaccine in the market around US$ 5-10. 


The  government cannot walk alone to carry out this vaccination program. The realistic possibility is to invite the private sector to participate. So, in the future some will be subsidized by the government and some will pay the private sector through this private sector. Of course everything is under government control.

Governments in various countries have agreed on the priorities for receiving the corona vaccine must be 18-59 years old, with professional priorities:

1. Vanguard group: medical officers, paramedic, nurse, police, army, Legal Officers

2. Religious/community leaders and regional, neighborhood, hamlet, and sub-district apparatus

3. Educators from all levels

4.  Government apparatus in general

5. Other communities aged 18 to 59 years old and eligible 

*especially children and the ederly should wait for clinical trials

(Source: Kompas Newspaper, and

The conclusion 

1. During the corona pandemic, the health business is increasingly prospective, but must pay attention to business ethics considering that is a business in the midst of a disaster and many people have lost their jobs

2. This business is closely related to human values. So, don't take too much profit, especially hoarding items that could violate the law

3. There needs to be cooperation between the government and the private sector regarding business boundaries

4. According to WHO, vaccines cannot serve political interests. The state makes a big mistake in making vaccines a political instrument, it is tantamount to wanting the country to be destroyed according to an international community. Unlike weapons, they can be used as political instruments. But, vaccines can be used as the prestige and achievement of a country.

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Friday, May 1, 2020

How to Overcome Pollution from Medical Mask Waste

Medical mask become a necessity during current conditions due to corona outbreaks. New problems arise when the disposable medical mask that have been used are thrown away discarded cause pollution. I'm afraid that the disposable medical mask is misused such as if it was reused after washing or recycled for resale at a cheaper price😱. This is also applies to other disposable medical items such as personal protective medical clothing (likes astronaut), medical gloves, injections, expired chemical drugs, unsterile tissue, and other personal pretective medical devices.

Some steps to overcome pollution from medical mask waste:
1. The government should provide special bins for medical mask and the like in the public areas to increase public awareness about medical waste that is different domestic waste

2. Cut out disposable masks to avoid being misused

3. Medical waste must be separated in covered plastic (leakproof) and then put in a closed container to be sent to the waste disposal company. Don't mix it with domestic waste

4. In the garbage container there should be written infectious waste

5, Destruction by burning using incinerators operated by health service facilities or licensed medical waste processing services

6. Incinerator has a combustion chamber with a minimun temperature of 800 degrees celsius

7. Be careful if there is radioactive medical waste, it is better to separate, because the handling is different

8. For medical waste processing workers must be equipped with personal protective equipment

9. Not all medical waste is disposed of. There can be used as bricks for energy sources in the production

The Disposable Medical Mask. Before being Discarded, It Must be Cut and Torn So It is Not Misused

The government must act as a regulator and coordinator to overcome with medical waste. The government must coordinate medical waste processing workers, domestic waste processing workers, waste disposal company, incinerator company, and local residents is need so that medical waste is not mix with domestic waste. If it gets mixes up, it is feared that transmission of the virus will occur. Not only that, the government must cooperate with researchers to utilize medical waste into something useful, like alternative energy resources. Finally, we hope that the corona virus will disappear😇.

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Prevention of Corona Virus Transmission and Predictable Medicine Works

At the beginning of this March 2020, we were shocked by the news that the death toll from corona virus (called Covid-19) has reached 3041 people worldwide😱. Around 129 death due to corona virus happening outside of China. Finally, corona virus has spread to Indonesia. There are 6 victims who have been isolated and suspected victims of the corona virus died reached 3 people (source: Corona virus cases all over the world reach 88443. Around 80026 victims from China. Of all, only 44462 victims recovered  (source: CNN &

Of course, we are concerned to see this. Efforts to prevent transmission can be done, such as:
1. Maintaining a distance of 0.5 to 2 meters of people who coughing or sneezing
Source: IG @weimankow

2. Use a mask when to areas that are considered unsterile and if the patient (coughing or sneezing) does not have a mask, immediately give a mask (only used once)

3. In public places, we should avoid crowds of strangers, because maybe one of them transmitting disease. Do social/physical distancing)

4. Wash your hands regularly with soap for 20 seconds

5. Wash with soap the object touched by the patient. Remember, the virus can spread from the sufferer to the objects that are touched and survived for 1 day

6. Don't share food uttensils, food, cups, and towels

7. Don't go abroad for now, especially to areas that are prone to corona virus

8. For additional nutrition, you can consume herbs like ginger, pepper, garlic, temulawak, turmeric, cinnamon, lemongrass9. Greet with a smile and greetings without contact

10. Always keep health and body endurance must be strong with complete nutritional intake, drink plenty of water, regular exercise, sunbathing, positive thinking (don't stress), and adequate rest

11. Always worship, good deeds, and pray😇
Remember, the virus will easily enter the weak body and soul.

While for medicine to cure diseases due to corona virus does not yet exist, is still researched until now, and is predicted to be effective next year. Existing medicine only weaken corona virus, not kill it. 

The medicine that is predicted to kill corona virus: 
1.  Faviriapir
- A kind of generic drug
- Faviriapir is an influenza medicine that has been used to cure ebola disease

2. A combination of HIV and influenza medicine
- The name of medicine is lopinavir and ritonavir
- Each has a trade mark Kaletra and AbbVie

3. Remdesivir serum
- Has been tried to overcome SARS and ebola diseases
- This serum haven't recognition yet

4. Bacht vaccine
- The first bacht vaccine was named mRNA-1273
- mRNA-1273 is made to direct cells in the body to produce proteins, to prevent or fight disease
(Source: &

Hopefully, corona virus killer medicine will be patented soon😇.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Groundwater Pollution: Characteristics, Causes, and Prevention

Happy new year friends, hopefully getting better and blessing going forwards. Aamiin🎊🎉😇. Ok friends, the topic of my blog in early 2020 was groundwater pollution. Groundwater pollution shows that water conditions are not good and if used by human it can endanger health. That's why the topic of this blog is still related to health. In addition, groundwater pollution has become a global issue that must be taken seriously because it has been proven to occur in many countries and results in lowering the quality of human life, causing illness, and even death.

There are many characteristics that indicate groundwater pollution:
1. Not clear, smelly, taste, and color
2. Does not have a cool temperature
3. Give rise to deposits
4. Contain high amounts of dissolved particles and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, nickel, and zinc. Heavy metal ions will partially accumulate in various organs, especially the digestive track, liver, and kidneys, so that they can damage the organs
5. Contain toxic substances like hydrocarbon compounds and detergents
6. Turbid water due to rust from iron pipes, mud, clay, and microorganism
7. The water feels rather salty due to the high salt content. This often happen in the area around the river mouth
8. There are pollutans in ground water. If it is feels bitter, the trigger can be iron, aluminium, manganese, sulfate, or lime in large quantities
9. Taste of soapy water. It is doe to alkali contamination. The source can be in the form of washing agents, such as detergents
10. Polluted by pathogenic bacteria (bacteria that cause disease) such as Eschericia colli (causes diarrhea and vomiting), Clostridium perfringens (cause of poison), and Salmonella (causes of typhus)

Cause polluted groundwater:
1. Infiltration of pollutant solution from the garbage bin through the process of washing by rain water
2. Leakage from household sewers, usually caused by septic tank designs that are not up to standard
3. Deposit of river waste that is not immediately addresed
4. Household chemical waste such as detergents that pool in the ground

Detergent Waste😱. Source:
5. Live around the industrial area allows many factories to dispose of their waste carelessly and this can reduce the quality of groundwater
6. Excessive use of ground water in short time without the process of returning water to the ground

Groundwater Contamination. Source: Environment Canada ->
Save groundwater quality with the following preventive measures:
1. Make biopori holes and infiltration Wells at home. Biopori holes cam help us expedite rainwater to seep into the ground

2. Reduce the use of washing detergent. Start washing clothes when they are covered so that less liquid waste is produced
3. Reduce the use of insecticides at home, remember these chemicalsmay stick to the ground and ilfiltrate it through train water. It's better if we use natural ways to repel insects, like eucalyptus oil, orange peel, and garlic
4. Start managing household waste. Separate waste can be decomposed (garbage left over from vegetables/fruits) and which cannot be decomposed (iron, plastic, styrofoam, and glass)
5. Planting trees in the home environment. The precense and green open space can help the absorption of water back into the ground. The existence of small garden is also important for filtering dirty air, reduce noise, preventing flooding and lack of water

Small Garden at My Home

6. Began to skimp on water use, especially during the dry season
7. Periodic maintenance of the pipes in the home, especially the septic tank sewer
(Source: Tabloid Rumah).

Thus the article I made. Health is not only related to human individuals, but also to environmental cleanliness, one of which is to maintain the quality of ground water. If the quality of ground water is good, it will affect the health of our bodies. For example: using groundwater  directly for bathing and undirectly/boiled water for drinking make instan noodles, and cook vegetables.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Healthy Tips during The Rainy Season

When the rainy season arrives, the weather tends to be cold. Cold weather due to the rainy season can bring various diseases. Beside that, the occurence of lightning storms, strong winds, and floods must also be considered. So, it's time we have to take the time to maintain our bodies to have stronger endurance so that they are not susceptible to disease.
Therefore, it is time for us to aplly some of the tips below so that we are healthy and fit during rainy season:
1. Pay attention to food and beverage consumption
- During the rainy season, the temperature becomes lower, and the body needs many calories to warm the body through healthy food
- The body needs good nutrition to prevent disease
- Mutiply foods that contain vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the body's immunity. The best intake of vitamin c is still natural, not supplements, like oranges, strawberry, pineapple, cherries, kiwi, broccoli, brussel sprout, kale, mustard greens, and garlic. But, if you feel natural intake of vitamin C is lacking, then supplements are needed
- Routinly eat high fiber foods to increase body immunity, such as avocados, apples, bananas, pears, carrots, spinach, etc

2. Drink water at least 8 glasses a day
- The importance of drinking enough water to prevent dehydration (not only hot, when cold can dehydrate)
- Drink water as a detox and maintain immunity
- If it gets rained on, it's good to drink warm water or warm herbal tea immediately1 to warm the body

3. Shower after getting rained on
- Cold water isn't problem either, but warm water is more recommended
- Add a few drops of antiseptic to get rid of germs
- Efectively drive out infections and itching

4. Avoid wet walls
- Wet walls are breeding ground for fungus which causes many allergies and triggers asthma
- Wet and moist walls triggers the arrival of disturbing and disgusting animals, such as mosquitoes, snails, milipedes, leeches, and the like

5. Wear warm and thick clothes
It is important to wear warm and thick clothes to keep your body warm in the cold weather of the rainy season
- Applies both when outside the house and inside the house

6. Avoid touching your face and eyes
- Touching the face and eyes will increase the risk of infection, especially if your hands are contaminated with bacteria or viruses during the rainy season
- Exept always wash hands thoroughly

7. Wear footwear well
- Use footwear that are comfortable and safe for the feet, not to narrow and not to loose.
- Pay attention to the soles of shoes or sandals, use special soles for the rainy season. Don't use bare insoles because it makes slippery and easily falls
Keep your footwear clean. If it rained on the footwear, immediately washed and dried in the sun
- If the shoes get wet from the rain, always prepare a spare sandal

8. Close your mouth when sneezing
- This is important to reduce the spread of viruses or bacteria, especially in a room with many people
- Always carry a tissue to cover the nose when sneezing and clean the affected part of the sneeze

Must be Considered: Don't Try Resist Sneezing because It can Cause Arteries to Rupture in the Head and Neck and Don't Sneeze to Loudly because It can Cause Rib Problems
(Source: Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper, September 6, 2019)

9. Bask in the morning
- During the rainy season, blazing sun in the morning is something rare, even though it is very beneficial for the health of the body
- Bask in the morning (hot sun condition) until 9 am is quite effective in increasing endurance and immunity (natural vitamin D3)

10. Always carry an umbrella that you can put in a bag or a special raincoat if you ride a motorcycle
- When going outdoors, always use jacket or at least long-sleeved clothes and trousers to minimize the cold during the rainy season
- If the clothes get wet from the rain, immediately take a warm bath and change cloth

11. Beware of thunderstorms
- If your area is lightning-prone, use lightning rod in your home, even if your home is not terraced
- Don't take a shower during a thunderstorms
- Avoid open fields and rice fields during thunderstorms
- Don't use electronic devices connected to electricity during thunderstorms
- The sound of terrible lightning is prone to cause stress and headaches. For that, listen to soothing music through earphones or stay in a soundproof room equipped with air conditioner

12. Exercise Routine
- Exercise routine to improve the health and fitness so that the does not get sick easily
- During the rainy season, effective exercise is carried out in the morning at least 30 minutes a day. No need to exercise heavily, just walk. The important thing is sweating out
- Even better if you have a treadmill or exercise at gym

13. Be aware of the potential for dengue fever before and during the rainy season
- Close and drain water reservoirs
- Burying used goods
- Clean the environment that is always flooded with dirty water
- Mosquitos that cause dengue fever (aedes aegypty) often arise from dirty puddles
- Use mosquito repellent lotion, especially when going to sleep
- Use mosquito coils of the room is filled with mosquitoes. Make sure the room is not used first for 15 minutes
- For natural medicine, consumption of guava, red yeast rice, and drink plenty of water
- Dengue fever symptoms usually begin with high fever does not heal in three days. If such conditions, immediately consult a doctor

14. Be aware of the potential for diarrhea when the rainy season increases
- Rain water is able to sweep away the dirt that has accumulated in the ground during the dry season, so that the water source or something around it is contaminated (source:
- Body resistence tends to decrease during the rainy season
- Bacteria, viruses, and parasites will easily spread during the rainy season. Be careful eating and drink on the road side, it could be unsterile
- Make sure that vegetables and fruits you eat are washed first
- For the prevention of periodic hand washing, keep your body clean, and (for children) avoid playing with standing water
- For a while, banana as a natural remedy for diarrhea
- Always provide ors and diarrhea medicine
- If you have diarrhea for more than a day, see a doctor immediately

15. Pray for everything
- Pray for the blessing and useful rain
- Pray to avoid disaster like a flood
Pray that health and blessings are always given
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