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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on The Left Wrist, Based on My Experience

CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) disease is wrist pain because the nerves are depressed and cause symptoms of pain, numbness and parasthesia. Parasthesia -> tingling or burning (source: wikipedia).

There are several roots causes of CTS:
1. Heredity Factor
2. Woman are more likely to suffer from CTS than men because of:
- Woman has smaller carpal passage than men
- Pregnant woman at are risk of getting CTS due to hormonal changes
3. Certain diseases: diabetes, gout, hypothyroidism, obesity, and kidney failure
4. Wrist injuries, such as: dislocations, join dislocations, and bone fractures
5. Repeated severe activity involving the wrist, such as:
- Lift the barbell with a heavy load
- Playing musical instrument
- Knitting
- Using chainsaw
- Selfie and wefie (wrist often bend inward)
6. Certain profession, such as: tailors, cashiers, barber, packaging workers, endless typing work, and athlete (for example: goalkeeper)
7. Wrong eating/drinking patterns, such as:
- Excess vitamin B6 causes irritation to the nerves
- Efficiency vitamin B6 causes tingling
- Eat too much food that is too salty
- Foods and drinks that are high in purine cause gout which can eventually aggravate CTS
- Junk food and fried foods
- Drinks that are too sweet and carbonated
- Other unhealthy food and drink
(Source: & DA Kartikasari at

I have had CTS on my left wrist a few years ago. Pain, weakness, and swelling on my left wrist occur for a month (relapse)😱. Strangely enough, my right wrist was fine after being overburdened by repeated heavy activity.
My Left Wrist Look Swollen and I Feel Difficult, Weak, Vibrate (Tremor Symptom), and Painful to Just Open The Door Due to CTS Disease. Source: My Photo
According to a doctor, the main cause was severe recurrent activity. I finally realized the root of the problem, which was heavy exercise involving the wrist. For example used barbells and handgrips.

Specificially for the use of handgrip, I used it routenly according to instructions on the internet, namely each hand holding 10 times then resting and holding exercises hold 5 seconds then released (so it continues to ache). At first, just enjoy it, but the problem then arises when it's been 2 weeks, suddenly my left wrist was weak, stiff, painful, and tremors arise. In fact, to open the door, cut the nails, and shift the gears of the car. The feeling of pain gets worse when the dawn was cold, which makes my sleep disturbed.

Wise to Use The Handgrip. It is Effective to Train The Wrist Muscles, but If It Feels Uncomfortable and Causes Pain, Stop Immediately or The Wrist is in Danger. Source: My Own Photo
Beside that, history of gout from a large family of fathers, poor eating/drinking patterns, and obesity can make things worse and make recovery time longer. So, there are many factors that cause CTS to worsen.

The Solutions:
 1. The doctor gave some medicine and vitamin: 
- Potaflam 50 (Diclofenac Sodium)
- Voltadex ointment
- Vitamin B12
2. Rest your wrists in pain until recovered
3. Limit the use of salt 
4. Soak warm water mixed with salt for the affected part by CTS in a few minutes, can also be for gout
5. Compress the affected part by CTS with ice in a few minutes, can also be for gout
6. Avoid foods or drinks that are high in purine. To neutralize it, I ate banana, dates, tomato (but tomato seeds must be discarded), watermelon, apple, orange, and strawberry. Then, I drinked plain green tea and honey. Finally, I also take herbal medicines like Habbatussauda. Taking herbal medicines should not be concurrent with medical drugs, there must be a distance of several hours. For example: I take medical drugs at 8 am, so I can only take herbal medicines at 11 am. If in a doubt, it's best to consult a doctor
7. Used wrist splint. This tool was very effective in reducing pain, especially at night, so it will not interfere with sleep. Beside that, this tool speeds up recovery

I Used Wrist Splint On My Left Wrist Which was Affected by CTS
8. Therapy using thorny rubbers balls (by holding it)
This Therapy was Effective to Speeds Up Recovery and Train The Wrist Muscles
9. Proper eating and drinking patterns
10. Drink water at least 8 glasses a day
11. Sleep quality 7-8 hours a day
12. Bask in the morning (until 9 am) to strengthen the joints & bones
13. Make it habit to warm up before exercising
14.  Positive thinking and pray for health😇.

So this article was made, I apologize if there are shortcomings, and please give me a positive feedback. 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monkeypox and Chickenpox, Similar but Not The Same

Pox is a viral skin disease, transmitted trough saliva splashes and direct contact. There are 3 types of pox: chickenpox, monkeypox, and shingles. But, in this article, I will only write about booming pox disease (monkeypox) and compared to pox that often occurs (chickenpox). 

in May 2019, The Singapore government has just announced that a Nigerian who came to Singapore was positive for monkeypox. The cause is that he consumed animal that has contracted the virus while in his home country. This raises alertness if we meet strangers from africa, especially central Africa and west africa although transmissions from human to human is very rare.

Why it called monkeypox, not Africanpox? because it's the name of the virus, called monkeypox virus or MPXV (source: So, it's not the name of the vector animal, monkey😜. While the spread not only from monkey, but also mice, squirrel, and even cute animal: rabbit🐰. The history of monkeypox infection first occured in 1970 at Kongo, Central Africa. After that, it happened in the Americas and Europe (source: Robert Sinto, M.D.). Had disappeared then finally reappeared in 2019.

How about chickenpox? why it called chickenpox, not waterpox😜?  There is an old theory that the rash of pox looks like the peck marks caused by a chicken. But, it doesn't mean transmitted by chicken (source: Steven Dowshen, M.D.). Finally, that name was taken.

Monkeypox is similar to chickenpox but not the same. Both are caused by viruses with the different name. Monkeypox caused by MPXV, while chickenpox caused by varisella zoster or VZV. In addition, both of them have runny lumps, spread throughout the body, & more attacking children. The differences in detail will be explain below.

Source: &
1. Characteristics of monkeypox:
- Caused by monkeypox virus (MPXV)
- Contagion: direct contact with blood, body fluids, and wound to the skin from animals that infected the virus such as monkey, mice, squirrel, and rabbit
-  Incubation period during 5-21 days, is faster than chickenpox. First five days: fever headache, back & muscle pain period. 3 days later: appearance of a rash on the face, palms, & feet. The next 10 days: a rash containing, small fluid, blisters, accompanied by crust
- The ichy rash on monkeypox is more extreme than chickenpox (flakly+blister skin and more horrible pus fluid)
- Monkeypox can cause comlications of other disease such as pneumonia, & even death😱
- There ia no vaccine yet
- Monkeypox will disappear for 14-21 days (longer than chickenpox)
- Be aware of advanced complication such as bacterial infection of the rash+cornea, bronkopneumonia, difficulty breathing, and encephalitis😱
-  Immediately wipe object or surfaces that are directly contacted by people who infected monkeypox with antiseptic fluid.

2. Characteristics of chickenpox
- Caused by varicella booster (VZV)
- Contagion: direct contact with someone who is infected though the patient is only coughing or sneezing (through the air)
-  Incubation period during 10-21 days (fever and itchy rash period)
- Chickenpox will disappear for 7-10 days
- Careful, rash can transmit the virus, especially the rash with the wound. Avoid direct contact
- There is a vaccine for prevention
- Be aware of advanced complication such as bacterial infection of the rash+cornea, bronkopneumonia, difficulty breathing, and encephalitis😱 (same as monkeypox)
- Immediately wipe object or surfaces that are directly contacted by people who infected chickenpox with antiseptic fluid
(Source: &

I have had chickenpox when I was around 5-7 years old. Maybe infected trough the air while playing in an unclean environment. Beginning with lever, lethargy, runny itching spot troughout the body. If the itchy spots are scratched, it will increase. My feeling at that time was body itching, wanting to scratch, limp, and want to stay in bed. Assisted with special powder, fever medication, and itching, I have recovered after a week of having chickenpox. But, there are advantages. Until I grow up, I don't need to be vaccinated and don't get chickenpox. Chickenpox acara when I grow up some are totally missing, but some are not (stain). 

How to prevent monkeypox and chickenpox?
Basically, preventive measure for both monkeypox and chickenpox are the same, what distinguish that the chickenpox has a vaccin and how to avoid the source of infection. How to prevent monkeypox and chickenpox?
1. Clean and healthy lifestyle
2. Wash hands with soap before eating
3. Avoid direct contact with the source of infection
4. Do not share personal items with sufferers such as towels, clothes, and even combs (source: https://hellosehatcom)
5. Use a mask if you forced to be in a non-sterile environment or source of infection
6. Good eating and drinking patterns
7. Get enough rest
8. Take time to exercise so that the immune system is stronger
9. Always pray to God to be given health and healthy environment too😇.

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How Fatigue can Cause Health Problems and Even Death

Working too long under high pressure without rest causes health problems such as stress, depression, fatigue, and even death. How it relates? If stress is not managed properly, it can lead to depression. If you have been depressed, then the chances of experiencing fatigue is even greater. If it is worsened by not enough sleeping at that night or before work  and eating carelessly, it can cause serious illness such as hearth attack, brain hemmorhage, and even sudden death😱. Not only works, but also play video games (when condition are not under pressure) all day without stopping can cause health problems and even sudden death. It happens because the body experience excessive fatigue and forced to work beyond its capabilities, so the body will protest in its own way such as illness and even sudden death. The researchers argue that hormones (kortisol and epinephrine) which is released when stressed+depressed contributes to hearth problems, especially for overtime workers. Another example, based on true story, I found of someone who was workaholic and likes heavy exercise in the same day. After being worked, he even exercised such as futsal with his friend. At night he felt his chess ache immedeately fell down. Not long after, he died because of hearth attack. Even tough he was an athletic posture and always adopt a healthy diet. One mistake that he could not measure his own's body ability, so the body would protest in its own way😱.

If you experience fatigue and keep working/exercise without resting, your hearth will work harder than usual. The exercise in question with high intensity (such as fitness, futsal, running, etc). In a state of fatigue and stress+depress condition, you should immediately rest or your hearth is in a dangerous condition. According to Medical Director from Stanford Cardiovascular Health, Alan Young, that someone who has a high level of stress will experience an increase in hearth rhytm and blood pressure (source: These conditions cause hearth problems, especially for someone who has history of hearth disease, even genetically.                                                     
(Source: Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper on April 24, 2019)

They Died from Exhaustion. Not Much Honorarium but Workload at Indonesian Simultaneous Election 2019 Exceeds the Ability of Election Officials, non-Stop without Enough Rest, Both Before, During, and After Duty. An inhuman Thing😪
There are times you have to endure too tiring work (include pro gamer which requires games all day). So, this is the solutions:
1. Eat healthy snacks in the middle of work
2. Drink water to avoid dehydration, avoid sugary and alcoholic drinks
3. Limit drinking tea, coffee, and caffeinated drinks. Excessive caffeine is not good for the hearth
4. Enough sleep before work (8 hours). Take a nap and massaged if body is tired
5. Provide eye drops for tired eyes
6. Breathe deeply when saturated
7. Don't work too seriously, slip smart humor and listen soothing music
8. Don't get stuck in the seat while working, move, walk, and light exercise occasionally
9. Request support from the family and other closest person. Not good if the problems is buried alone
10. Positive thinking
11. Consult a doctor if the body condition does not improve
12. Always remember worship and pray to God😇

Playing Online Games all Day without Rest & Forget to Eat Cause Sudden Death. Source: (Giant Low)
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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wrist Size: Genetic and Indicates Type + Body Health

The size of wrist usually indicates whether a person has a small or big bones. Wrist diameter and bone size was difficult to be changed because of genetic, unless it still growth period (male until 21 years old and female until 19 years old), of course assisted with certain sports, proper nutritions, and calcium intake. Someone with small wrists and bones such as the famous male actor Tobey Maguire or Tom Cruise will be difficult to have a thick body, but faster to have dry musles. They will be difficult to fat and look small. Small wrists and bones cannot be raised because they are genetic. So, if you have small wrists and bones, you have to outsmart it by raising your muscles arount the wrists (such as muscular fist) and forearms with certain sports such as fitness. According to an Indonesian Bodybuilder legend, Ade Rai, a person with small wrists and bones like him then practice in the gym can get dry muscles faster than other people with large wrists and bones. But, a person with small wrist and bones requires extra effort to thicken muscle mass. Focus on thickening musces first, then dry it.

Someone who is thin might look big due to big wrist and bone. So does someone looks fatter because of the same thing. For men, having big wrists and bones was a good thing. The posture will look more manly. Even if trained at the gym seriously, their bodies will look thick and muscular, but it difficult to dry the muscles. I think the profession such as security, police, army, actor, athlete, and bodyguard must have large wrist and bones😜. For the example: the famous male actor, Dwayne Johnson or NBA legend player, Shaquille O'Neal.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Left) & Shaquille O'Neal (Right). They have Big Wrist, Bones, & Muscles. Source:

The higher a person's posture is usually the greater the size of the wrist. But there is also tall and thin posture that have a smaller wrist size (and bone) than other shorter people or shorter people with ideal body but big wrist size (and bone) so it looks fat. Again the  main factor is genetic.

Measuring your wrist to determine your body frame size can help you develop ideal expectations of healthy weight spesific for your height and build. If you concerned about your weight as it relates to your body frame, consult a doctor to discuss how it might your health (source:

How the size of the wrist is called small? of course different the size of wrist between men and women. For men, the diameter of  small wrist is <7,87 inch or <20 cm. For women, the diameter of small wrist is <6,29 inch or <16 cm. Wrist diameter is one indicator to determine your body type, is included ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph, or body type mixture (for example endomorph+mesomorph at once).  
1. Ectomorph characteristic
- Small wrist+bones+wings muscles, 
- Little fat and difficult to fat 
- It difficult to form thick muscles, but easier to make dry and small muscles

2. Mesomorph characteristic
- The best body type, athlete's body (proporsional even though it has not been trained in the gym)
- Standar wrist+bones
- Fat+muscle level are right (ideal) 
- The weight of the body rise quickly, dropped quickly, but quickly formed to dry and thick muscles

3. Endomorph characteristic
- Big wrist+bones, look bigger than normal people in general, even though they might have the same weight
- It difficult to thin
- Body weight quickly raises but it difficult to go down, and fast to form thick muscles but difficult to dry it
- Bigger and rounder face
- The waist tends to be wide even parrallel to the cest
- Wide neck
- Looks giant
Source: https:

I have a small wrist diameter (7,48 inch or 19 cm). It was difficult to be enlarged because of genetic. So, I have to enlarge fist and forearm muscles with various training to balance it, both using tools (dumbbles, hand grip, bench press, etc) or without tools (push-up, pull-up, etc). According to my friend (a personal trainer), my actual body type was mesomorph but tendency to endomorph, mix between mesomorph and endomorph (strangely, my wrist diameter was small). So, I heve to be careful about my weight.

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Healthy Tips for Fat People

To be honest, the title of this article does reflect the condition of my body which tends to be fat hehe... Even so, I always enthusiastic and tried to make physical movements that sweat at least 30 minutes a day. Don't think too much about losing weight, the most important thing is to just move, sweat, and do exercise at least 30 minutes a day, while slowly trying to improve your eating and drinking patterns. There is an opinion "so that fat is healthy". This opinion in my opinion is not entirely correct. However, fat is indeed an unhealthy condition, because of being overweight. Maybe, for a more appropriate suggestion, it should be replaced to make it fat as long as you want to move, start caring about your health, and pay attention to your diet. Do not ignore what people say, unless it is indeed good and sincere advice. As another suggestion for me, so that fat as long as it looks manly and as a sign of prosperity hehe ...

Healthy living was the right and obligation of every person, so that the body gives positive feedback in the form of a healthy and fit body. My personal experience of being obese requires (being forced) to exercise at least 30 minutes every day even though eating is still carelessly hehe ... Why was that forced? When I tried to violate the rules about exercise, my legs were experiencing gout and finally I couldn't move and exercise. But, once exercise was routed (even though my weight is not ideal) I feel my body was healthier and didn't get gout. I'm sure it was effect of regular exercise, the body sweats include poisons that must be removed. My principle, it was better to exercise every day at least 30 minutes a day than exercise once a week but for 3,5 hours. My height was around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), then my weight was around 97 kg. It was still far from ideal (80 kg), but at least there was progress compared to the previous one which reach 105 kg. There was a joke that an athletic body (like an athlete's body) was certainly our dream, but what about body of sumo athletes... Please ponder😜.

Asian Games 2018 Became a Spirit for Me to Live Healthier as I Could

Ok, just to the point, for fat people like me, of course, extra effort was needed to maintain health. Well, it could become a burden, especially if the goal must be to lose weight in a week. For that, we need a cheerful healthy action (don't be burdened with a target and do what we like with new ideas) with proper management healthy live.

My version of healthy living management:
1. Regular blood donation

Why is it put in the first number, because for me and also those who are fat, blood donation is the cheapest, practical natural exercise and does not need a lot of movement😁, but can burn calories as much as 600-650 calories (source: . That is equivalent to fitness for 1.5 hours / running on a treadmill for 45 minutes / cycling at medium speed for 60 minutes. How come? According to research from the University of California, San Diego, United States, with maximal blood sampling of 450 cc / cubic centimeters for obese people (normally 300 cc), at least half a liter of blood weighing about 0.4 kg will be lost. Now that's what makes you lose weight instantly hehe ... But be careful, after blood donation, appetite and thirst will be much more increased. If not controlled, it is not impossible to gain weight again and the diet fails miserably😜.

Writer (Middle, Second from Right), Start Doing Blood Donor Activities as a Lifestyle

Before blood donation, of course the conditions must be considered (source:, including:
- Productive age, 17-65 years old. But, especially the elderly (aged 60 years and over) should be consulted with a doctor, because it was feared having certain restrictions
- Minimum body weight: 45 kg. So, don't be too thin. Thin people are usually afraid of blood donors worrying about their meat being taken away too, even though there is no connection at all hehe ..
- Normal blood pressure, namely cystole 110 - 160 mmHg, diastole 70 - 100 mmHg
- Regular pulse rate, which is around 50-100 times / minute
- Hemoglobin for women at least 12 grams%, men at least 13 grams%
- Blood donors are a minimum every 3 months. But, based on my experience during blood donation, the minimum distance of blood donors was 2.5 months
- The health worker will ask other things to determine can/cannot donate blood

In addition, based on my experience during blood donation, other conditions are:
- Have a blood donor card
- Healthy and physical and spiritual. Physical health clearly the body must be fit, don't be sick. But, if you are spiritually healthy, it means healthy mind and religion. Also horrified if the blood donor of a crazy person can cause noise hehe ..
- Enough rest, sleep quality at least 5 hours. There were cases of donors experiencing dizziness and leakage of blood vessels after blood donation, it was discovered that he was just staying up late and lacking sleep
- It is recommended to eat and drink plenty of water beforehand (this is often forgotten)
- Avoid smoking and alcohol
- Avoid chemical drugs such as diarrhea, flu, etc. But if supplements like Fatigon and herbal medicines like Antangin are allowed before blood donation
- Now, register blood donors online at the blood donor office. Donors must answer surveys about medical history honestly. It is important to know whether the donor is worthy to donate blood and ensure that the donated blood is also appropriate for the recipient of the blood, and not contaminated with bad bactery.

Writer Registered Online at The Blood Donor Office

- If during blood donation, blood flow from the hand to the blood pumpkin is felt slow, it is recommended to hold a rubber ball like I have ever experienced. I have heard from nurses, people who diligently exercise then donate blood usually have blood flow that is faster transfused than people who rarely exercise, especially not exercising
Rubbers Balls Required if Blood Flow from Hands to Pumpkin Blood Stagnates

Please remember, after a blood donor, the hand of a blood donor injection syringe should be rested from just one day of strenuous activities, such as lifting a bag, fitness, etc. If it is violated, blood vessels from the blood donor injection will leak. I have experienced that I have lifted a heavy bag using my right hand (which was injected for blood donation). After that incident, my active hand should not be for blood donor injections. So, use only the left hand (the weakest) of the blood donor. Maybe if left-handed people, it's good to use their right hand for blood donation.

The benefits of blood donors are ranging from burning calories, humanitarian missions, refining skin, free health checks, eating free nutritious drinks after blood donation😜, being able to meet the President of our country after the 100th blood donor, etc.

2. Bask in the morning

Sunbathing in the morning under the hot sun until 9 AM (Ante Meridiem) turns out natural and the easiest sports that are often forgotten. Why until 9 AM in the morning? because after 9 AM, the sun's rays are unhealthy, the skin can burn, and must be protected with sunscreen, long clothes, and hats. I began to feel the extraordinary benefits of sunbathing this morning. If we have history of disease and genetic gout, rheumatism, etc, it turns out sunbathing is a effective preventive therapy, because the hot sun in the morning contains vitamin D which can help strengthen joints and bones. But, it is only a preventive measure, because I got advice from a doctor, that sunbathing is not recommended when gout, rheumatism, and other joint diseases are relapsing, because it can aggravate the situation. Sunbathing in the morning in my opinion it's the cheapest and most practical natural sauna.


Based on personal experience and quoted from the website:, sunbathing in the hot sun (the limit to 9 AM) has tremendous benefits:
 - Strengthens bones and joints, suitable for all ages, both growth and adult age, because they contain vitamin D. Even for repair bone too
 - Natural facials, smooth the skin and make it youthful, because it contains vitamin E
 - Increases immunity, not easily sick
 - Morning air is still fresh and clean, good for the body, especially breathing
 - Sleep can be better
 - Kill bad bacteria, including fungal infections, and remove toxins (natural detox)
- The body will quickly sweat naturally and it is certainly recommended that the body be healthier
- Reduces blood sugar, because sunbathing is natural insulin
- And much more

3. Walk regularly
As long as the weather is good and the location is pedestrian-friendly, walking out of the house is the easiest and cheapest cardio sport (compare if you have to go to the gym, buy a treadmill, or play futsal). Cardio is related to heart rate and blood vessels. So, cardio exercise nourishes the heart and blood vessels.

Cardio exercise will be more optimal if combined with sunbathing in the morning (under the hot sun until 9 AM in the morning) and drinking fresh green tea before (to burn calories faster). Ideally, 30 minutes every day. But, I myself have never targeted how many minutes a day, what matters is just moving first. After walking a few minutes, especially in the morning, the body and mind feel refreshed. Plus meeting and greeting many people, of course, gives positive energy that is good for the body.

4. Step on the reflection stone

Stepping on reflection stones (especially when exposed to sunlight so that they warm) is very good for health, minimizes fatigue, lowers stress levels, and removes toxins from the body (similar to sunbathing in the morning). But, it must be considered the type of reflex rock must be oval in order not to injure the skin of the foot. For example: natural stone or oval coral. In addition, it must be noted that sufferers of certain diseases are not abstinence from stepping on reflection stones. For example: diabetics have sensitive foot skin, are easily injured, and have difficulty recovering. So, if in doubt, it's better to consult a doctor first.

If Tired and Stressed, then just Step on Warm Relection Stone. Based on My Experience, The Body Instantly Fresh Again

5. Skipping

Skipping is a sport that does not need to take up a lot of space, but it  a lot of benefits (although according to tend to be monotonous and quickly get bored). The benefit is to tighten the muscles, burn calories (must be 1000 times even though honestly 200 times already bored hehe ...), lengthen the legs, nourish the heart, and form an ideal posture. In order not to get bored, it's better combined with other sports. Interestingly enough, jumping rope can lengthen the legs, this is a true story, my friend, around 25 years old, was a basketball athlete, usually skipping 2,000 times every morning. The result, now his height is around 6 feet 2 inches (190 cm) and his posture was proportional, not fat, but not thin. Even though his parents were not height. Why does it have to be in the morning? Because at morning, you should have the most optimal growth. If you do not believe, try measuring height in the morning (after sleeping), ascertained height increases 1-2 cm. Then compare with measuring height at noon, for example, must be different. Then I asked, was jumping rope lengthening my legs until what age? He replied that he could be up to 35 years old too, as long as he was helped by nutrition, especially calcium and had to rest enough.

At Home, I have Home-Based Fitness Equipment, Quite Helpful😜
6. Sports connected with daily activities

Many daily activities that are actually a form of exercise that burns calories and sweats quite a lot, but it is not realized by us. I recorded a lot of these activities:
- Wash and wipe the vehicle
- Buy gallon drinking water to the nearest shop and bring it yourself (lift the gallon of water) to the house
- Gardening and watering plants
- Get used to going up and down stairs (while you can), but be careful who has a history of joint injuries, don't push yourself
- Sweeping the yard
- Clearing house
- Grooming pets, for example: inviting play, playing chases, and even bathing is certainly a draining activity too
- For women, do not underestimate shopping, caring for children, carrying children and cooking. Shopping is identical to walking (I'm sure shopping can take more than 15 minutes to get the desired target). Then, taking care of children, starting from carrying, feeding, bathing, and educating children, of course, requires extraordinary physical strength. And finally, cooking, it's synonymous with hot air (note the heat of the frying pan or boiling water is like a natural sauna hehe ...)

7. Weight training (make yourself)
Basically, any sport definitely burns calories (except chess, it is also strange to be called exercise, maybe it's the entry of brain exercise). According to its function, exercise consists of 2 types, namely:
a. Cardio exercise to nourish the heart and burn calories. For example: aerobics, futsal, treadmill, and walking
b. Power sports for thickening and drying of the muscle. For example: bench press. This type of exercise for fat people will make it look more full (muscular fat body). Stomach is still bloated, but helped by a sturdy chest size, so that the distended stomach is slightly disguised hehe .. Meanwhile, for those who are thin, this exercise will make it look more dry and thick muscles. Later weight gain due to increased muscle mass.

Both types of exercise (cardio and power) as much as possible are combined to be more optimal, not only focus on cardio or even just power. Too much focus on cardio exercise causes weight loss quickly, but muscle mass also decreases, so that later thinness like being seriously ill and strength weakens. While too focused on power training makes burning fat, especially in certain parts (such as the hips, abdomen, and surrounding areas) to be less optimal. So, it must be combined.

In the past, I took time to fitness at the fitness center at least once a week with a duration of 2 hours each time I arrived. But, it was felt to be less optimal, because gout continues to recur usually a few days after the fitness and diet was often out of control, precisely after the exercise. In response to this, I am reminded of advice from friends who are diligent in sports and also got news on the internet, the point that it was better to exercise regularly every day at least 30 minutes than just once a week with a duration of 3 hours. For cardio, I just need to walk on foot, while I am a bit confused about power sports every day (I was lazy to go a fitness center intentionally, moreover the fitness cost was more expensive. Finally, why not use a used canopy at my home to be used as weight training/bench press). The ends of the canopy pillars are made of cement molds (each weighing 7,5 kg, with a weight of poles reaching 10 kg, so total 25 kg. If it was felt less, for additional loads of bricks (1 brick weighing 2.5 kg) also becomes and for safeguards tied to rafia straps. But, it could also be for additional loads using used Vespa tires would be more challenging too. For the used long bench, I used a used Jaco Therapy Bed.
Homemade Bench Press, I Made it Myself. It Cheaper than Buy, can be More than $120.

Usually, I Combine weight training with sunbathing, so that beneits are more optimal, plus the bench becomes warmer exposed to sunlight, so it's looks like a natural sauna too😜.

8. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
People who like to smoke tend to have faces that are (sorry) dull, like not maintained, and older than their age. That's the outside, not yet the inside is directly exposed to substances in cigarettes, such as the lungs, teeth, etc. The breath will run out faster if invited to run. This is caused by negative substances in cigarettes. According to Bahman Guyuron, a plastic surgeon, smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to the skin and decreases blood circulation, so the skin looks old and wrinkled. What is often overlooked is the presence of passive smoker, who are not smokers but breathe the smoke of the active smoker, both intentional and unintentional. This is also no less dangerous, the effect is on the lungs. The solution is to stay away from the active smoker or should the active smoker know to move to another area (smoking area).

Likewise, people who like to drink alcohol outside the normal limits make the organs in the body damaged quickly, starting from brain damage (being stupid, emotional, morally damaged, even crazy), increased risk of heart disease, risk of oral cancer (especially liking smoking), disruption of the respiratory tract (especially also like smoking), risk of inflammation of the liver, and damage to the digestive system (source:

So, smoking and liquor are like packages, if you are addicted it is difficult to stop and the negative effects complement each other. Just imagine if you just have a fat body is a burden to the body itself, this plus smoking and drinking liquor, the body will protest and increase risk of various disease. So, stop smoking and drinking.

9. Get enough rest 
Adequate rest according to experts is quality sleep (deep sleep without snoring) for 7-8 hours each day. If someone sleeps for only 5 hours a night, it is not optimal and there is a debt of 2 hours, usually interspersed with naps. But if there is no time to take a nap, usually the body will feel tired the next day, lack focus, and get sick. But, there is also the assumption that the old person only needs less sleep time, such as 5 hours each day. I talked with a doctor, that as little as possible the duration of sleep for humans is 5 hours. So, it's outrageous that just sleeping 5 hours a day is not fulfilled, considering that the body has the right to rest, or he will protest in his own way (disease, stress easily, even sudden death). In the past there were cases of artist who was young and had athletic postures, all day busy with his work as board members, then went home instead to play futsal. That night, his heart was troubled, short of breath and died suddenly. The possibility was clear, his body was too stretched and lacks rest, including lack of sleep. Here it was important to fulfill the rights demanded by the body, so that the body can carry out its obligations too.

10. Avoid instant ones

The instant intention here is a shortcut to losing weight such as liposuction surgery and the use of drugs to lose weight. The operation definitely causes side effects. Likewise with the effects of liposuction surgery include bruising, numbness, contour of damaged skin, and kidney+heartcomplications (source: While the use of drugs will aggravate the work of the kidneys, thereby increasing the risk of kidney damage. So, it's good to use nature only. Even if forced to use the instant method, it must be consulted with an expert.

11. Positive thinking
Positive thinking is a logical way of thinking that looks at things in a positive side, both to themselves, others, and the environment. So, he will not hopeless over the problems and be easy in finding solutions. (source: In other words, positive thinking is taking lessons from each event, especially unpleasant events, then trying to get up and look for alternative solutions. If it is related to this topic, for example, positive thinking when a diet has not been successful, I have tried optimally anyway, still diligently moving and exercising 30 minutes every day, I feel I have not had joint disease anymore. At least there are positive things that must be appreciated. Eliminate the word "total failure" that can make us pessimistic, but replace it with positive suggestions like "yes, my diet seems to work. Even though the stomach was still not very slim, but I certainly can" (source: this is what I tried to implement myself, at least always optimistic and spirit. The suggestion not only subconscious mind, but also hope, prayer, focus so that it was truly realized, and expressing gratitude to God. We must be grateful outside there are many who are more concerned about our physical condition, listen to and appreciate people who give sincere advice, but don't mind people who usually only talk negative about us, the most important thing that the spirit, confidence, and effort to improve ourselves, must be appreciated :)

12. Good eating & drinking patterns
Why are good eating and drinking patterns put on the last point? Because for fat people (include me), these are the most difficult points to control. For myself, the hardest is to manage eating patterns at night, especially in the rainy season, increase appetite hehe... At night, a lot of culinary street in front of my home, almost all of them are favorite foods, but make fat fastly. Culinary street vendors only appear at night & taste delicious tempting tastes😜, generally include selling:
- Fried rice, fried noodle, and that is similar to that
- Fried, mendoan, and that is similar to that
- Sweet and salty martabak
- Rice + Soto
- Fried chicken, nugget, and that is similar to that
- Fast food
- Rice + chicken satay, beef and goat. If the meat is still good, sometimes there is also innards and skin, which is more unhealthy
- Always have to use white rice (why they have not provide much healthier red rice?)

Seeing the savory culinary, can be said to have the most appetite at night. There should be healthy street food like street food, like fried rice using red rice and then fried using olive oil. If the menu is like that, certainly the price is more expensive than than fried rice in general. Many health experts say the dinner limit (weight) is 19 o'clock, the rest is stopped. Ideally at night it's enough fruit, vegetables and water. Ok, to get around the street vendors culinary must be balanced with a lot of drinking water and also walking, for example trying a route that is a bit far away to buy the culinary. In the future, as much as possible fried foods are avoided, replaced with steamed, for example tofu meatballs without spices and a little soy sauce. Even if you still like fried foods (including low-nutrition / junk food) it is recommended to fry using olive oil (the risk is expensive and only in certain places). In addition, limit eating instant foods such as instant noodles and packaged foods that are actually not good for the digestive system and contain preservatives. Then, to drink it, I tried to get used to drinking lots of water (at least 8 glasses) and fresh green tea before exercise, and as much as possible avoid sweets (especially soft drinks), both natural and artificial sweeteners, except honey or fruit and even then it is consumed in a reasonable amount.

All types of diets are basically well-intentioned. But, it depending on the type of body too. It could be that somebody is suitable with the white rice diet, another is is better with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) diet for example, etc. Honestly, I am still trying to find out which diet was the most suitable hehe ... So far the dietary foods that I have avoided are limited to the risks of gout, such as chips, innards, shrimp, etc. In addition, there are people who are easily overweight or even thinner if they have extreme fatigue and stress. The people who are easily fat when stressed would look food and snack (higher appetite), while for those who are difficult to get fat, with the same conditions it actually decreases their appetite? The type and metabolism of the human body can be different from each other and it's very unique.

Tips for burning calories that are unthinkable:
- I am reminded of the doctor's advice that consuming honey (as much as 2 teaspoons directly or can be mixed with warm water) 30 minutes before a heavy meal is very helpful to dissolve fat
- Getting used to drinking warm, fresh green tea before exercise is proven to be able to sweat and burn calories faster. Even consuming green tea also helps reduce uric acid levels
- Eat bananas for stamina, so that when exercise is not easy to waste, and the ends can burn calories better. In fact, I got information from friends, eating 2 bananas was equivalent with breakfast. For ordinary people, bananas are just complementary, breakfast is not complete without rice, plus savory dishes, and drink sweet tea/carbonated drinks, yes, it actually makes you fat😁
But the more extreme, diligent exercise since dawn, then sorted out the exercise instead of eating and drinking savory savory in street vendors, as a result there is no result😜. It is indeed a typical culinary street vendor's temptation
So this article was made as a vent and my experience as a fat person but trying to keep moving, healthier and fit in my own way. Although the results were not optimal, but I feel now free from haunting joint disease, especially gout. Because to be honest, if you have gout, you don't want to exercise at all, like a footballer who has a foot injury. There is an inspirational health quote: "better sweating rather than silence and taking medicine" (source:, by @ciptopemadi). Hopefully in the future it will be better and we will all be given the ability to maintain a healthy body, both physically and mentally, physically and spiritually, always be grateful for, and get a blessed life. Aamiin😇.

...and Big Boned😜. Source:

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